Products you need, styles you love.


To make the finest quality, functional, and fun-tastic kitchen and dining products affordable and accessible so you can add some drama and lots of style to your parties.


To introduce new product lines and expand our reach so you can keep enjoying yourself with your special friends while staying on top of your style game. As we grow, we aim to support causes that fight morbidity and mortality.


We are Love

Like you, we love to celebrate. And, we believe that there is no festivity without good family/good friends, good food, and great presentation.

We are Fun

Unoriginal, boring and generic- not our style. Our curated collection is full of unique, stylish, and special pieces that will add more fun to everything.

We are Exquisite

Elegance, prestigious taste, high-quality- that’s your style! And so is ours.

We are Vigilant

From packaging your items to delivering on time- we make your purchase easy, seamless, and risk-free.

We are Listening

We are eager to hear your feedback, suggestions, and requests so we can assist you in the best way possible.

Our Story

Do you know the secret sauce to make every celebration unforgettable?


A lazy evening alone time…

Dinner for two on your balcony…

Movie night…

Birthday dinners…

Pizza party…

Game night…

Chat over chip & dip…

Nothing is complete without great food.

But here is the truth…

No matter how tasty the food is, if it is not presented in a tasteful way, your party will look bland and boring. To make those eyes pops and mouths water, showcase your food in style. At Dear Household, we help you get the fun back in hosting for get-togethers, holidays, and beyond.

We are a team of foodies and fun-lovers. When we throw a party, we are the dream hosts who don’t shy away from sharing their most-loved recipes or the address of their favorite stores for buying unique kitchen and dining items.


  • We noticed that most of the items were limited edition and were gone before anyone could find them.
  • Other than that, some of these items were expensive, decorative (only), and didn’t go well with the dinner plates and accessories.
  • Most importantly, not everyone can drive hours and spend so much time and money to hunt the best pieces.

This is what inspired us to start Dear Household- the hub of premium, practical and fairly-priced kitchen and dining products.

Our collection is carefully selected keeping your unique style in mind. Each item in our store is:

Functional— Experiment, get bold, and style your food differently every time.

Timeless— Items you can use for any occasion, any celebration, and at any time.

Contemporary—Easily pair with your dishes, silverware, and drinkware.

Stunner— Elegant pieces to make your presentation the highlight of the day.

Accessible—Easily available on Amazon at competitive rates.

From the nicest things you use for everyday meals to the fanciest items you save for the best occasions-we are here to make hosting easy and joyous for you. We stand by our brand values and try our best to make your shopping experience easy, efficient and exceptional.


Mailing Address:

530 E Los Angeles Ave
Suite 115-161
Moorpark, CA 93021